What is a Darning Plate in Sewing?- [UPDATED] 2023

You might be heard a couple of times about the ‘darning plate’, let’s know what is a darning plate in sewing

Have you ever thought of darn holes and tears on your fabrics?


Did you ever see someone darning holes on fabrics by using a darning plate?

Maybe yes, Most people darn their clothes for wearing again but also there are some lazy people too who just don’t want to darn the holes on their fabrics even though darning doesn’t take much more time.

Some people reject their clothes if they find just a small hole in their clothes. But this is not a good habit because you only need 3 to 5 minutes in darning those holes and then you can again wear your clothes.

Despite the world having full of lazy people, there are still many people who darn holes and show some creativity in their worn-out clothes. Such people came upbringing a new fashionable design of clothes. So you must also try to darn your clothes by using a darning plate and try to do some creative works like them.

A darning plate is a flat metal plate having 3 or 4 raised pins on its backside, which helps you to darn holes on your fabric. It also helps you with sewing buttonholes.

While sewing, a darning plate covers the feed dogs and prevents them from tugging and bunching. Thus, it provides safe and smooth repairs. You can also use a darning plate for sewing buttonholes. You can also make some designs and patterns using them on your fabrics.

How to Install a Darning Plate?

Installing a darning plate on your sewing machine is neither hard nor takes more time. You can say it is just easy to work. Despite being so easy, some people even can’t find out the slots and put the raised pins of the darning plate on them.
So, for installing a darning plate on your sewing machine you must follow the steps below simply and you will surely fit it on your sewing machine.

Step 1: Make sure you have taken the right darning plate which is fit for your sewing machine.

Step 2: Make sure you have checked for the holes present on the needle plate on your sewing machine.

Step 3: Remove the footer and take your darning plate and look at its backside, you will see 3 or 4 raised pins on the backside of your darning plate, align these raised pins on the holes of the needle plate of your sewing machine.

Step 4: After fitting these raised pins on the holes of your needle plate, make sure the darning plate is tightened correctly. Sometimes, it does not tighten properly and may cause trouble in darning.

Step 5: Before darning holes on your fabrics, check whether it works properly or not by darning on any old rejected clothes.

How to remove a darning plate?

By applying some force through your fingers, lift up the darning plate and pull it out.

A darning plate is not only for darning holes in your fabrics. You can also use it for making some designs with the darning foot. If you will try to make some designs using a darning plate with the darning foot, you may find the best designer in you.

Many people use a darning plate to make designs and to show some creative works on their fabrics.

Once you learn the darning techniques or become familiar with the darning plate, you will do the best designs and make exciting patterns on the fabrics.

Uses of a darning plate

You can use a darning plate for these works as below. Here you go.
• Repair small holes and darn them properly.
• Making exciting designs and patterns.
• Sewing buttons on your fabrics.
• Freehand embroidery on any clothes.
• Quilting to make your clothes thicker etc.

Every company manufactures darning plates according to their sewing machines but they are all more and more similar in their look and functions.

Still, there are many different models and styles of the darning plates available in the market according to their prices and brands.

Their designs may be different somehow but their primary function is much more common which is to hide the feed dogs while aligning them on the needle plate of your sewing machine.

What are Famous Brands of Darning Plates

The most famous brands of darning plates include Brother, Singer, Janome, Cutex, and many more.

Most people love to buy a darning plate according to the brands of their sewing machines. If he/she uses a Brother sewing machine, then he/she loves to buy a darning plate belonging to the most popular brands we called Brother so.

But some people also buy a darning plate by looking at whether it fits firmly on their sewing machine or not.

What to Look for Before Buying a Darning Plate

There are some other factors too what people look for when buying a darning plate. Here you go.

As I have already told you, every company manufactures its own models and styles of darning plates. So, they may use different materials and their prices may also vary somehow.

But don’t worry it is not getting much more expensive, you just need to spend 10-15 dollars for getting a good quality darning plate that may fit on your sewing plate.

The more expensive the darning plate you will buy, you have the most chance to get a darning foot too, attached to the darning plate which is a plus point for you.

If you will get so, you may do many more designs and patterns and that may lead to growing up your skill in making different types of patterns and designs. And doing so may make you a professional designer.

Some people just buy a darning plate for darning small holes on their clothes. If you also want to buy a darning plate for darning small holes and tears on your clothes, I suggest buying a cheap darning plate.

But if you want to make some interesting designs and patterns on your clothes then, you can buy an expensive darning plate because you have a high chance to get a darning foot too in that case. If you will get a darning foot then, you may enhance your skills of making designs and patterns on your clothes.

Uncountable numbers of darning plates are available in the market but sometimes you may not get a darning plate matching your sewing machine brand. So, in that case, you can buy a darning plate belonging to another brand too. But you need to care whether that darning plate firmly attaches to your needle plate or not.

You can buy your darning plate online which may fit firmly on your needle plate.

various darning plates
various darning plates

Some Final Words

A darning plate is a flat metal plate that is used to darn holes and tears. You can also use a darning plate for making some patterns and designs.

Always try to buy a darning plate according to the brands of your sewing machine because that may fit firmly on your sewing machine. But it does not mean that other brands’ darning plates may not fit in your sewing machine, they might fit too.

So what are you thinking about? Let you buy a darning plate and fix all your worn-out clothes. You can check this site for buying darning plates & sewing machine parts.

If you have any queries start sharing your sewing story and feel free to share your problems too, without any hesitation that you are facing while sewing.

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