What is a Feed Dog in Sewing: OMG [UPDATED 2023]

Feed dogs are the teeth like ridges made up of metal located on the stitch plate underneath the presser foot of your sewing machine.

There are sets of feed dogs in most sewing machines.

If you press the pedal or you turn the handwheel to one complete turn, you can see the feed dogs moving up and down. So you are clear up here, you generally understood what is a feed dog in sewing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do feed dogs do in sewing?

• While sewing on fabrics, feed dogs lift the fabrics up, pull them back and forth, and make the fabrics ready for the next stitch.
• You can say it as a simple machine because it makes your stitching easier by feeding the fabrics through your sewing machine.

What is lowering the feed dogs in sewing?

• Lowering the feed dogs means dropping the feed dogs to their lowest position, underneath the needle plate.
• If you lower the feed dogs then, they will be no more working while sewing.
• You can use this technique for free motion and can do unlimited creativity by controlling the speed and direction of the fabrics as you want.

What is raising the feed dogs in sewing?

Raising the feed dogs means raising them at their highest position above the needle plate.
If you raise the feed dogs, they will be biting and pulling your fabrics while sewing.

How do you raise and lower the feed dogs?

For raising the feed dogs-
• First you must lift the needle of your sewing machine to its highest position.
• Now slide the drop feed lever to its left side and turn the handwheel one complete turn and then you will see the feed dogs will be raised.

For lowering the feed dogs-
• You just need to slide the drop feed lever to its right side for lowering the feed dogs.

What will you do If your Feed Dogs Stucked in the Down position?

Sometimes while raising your feed dogs, they may be stuck in the down position. You need to follow these instructions for raising your feed dogs.

• Make sure your presser foot is raised above.
• Push the drop feed lever towards the side that indicates an upward position, and continue turning the handwheel until you will not see the feed dogs be raised up.

What is a Feed Point System?

According to the manufacturers of sewing machines, “feed dog system” refers to the number of feed dogs on your sewing machine.
The more feed dogs will be on your sewing machine, the better they will grip and feed your fabrics through your sewing machine, and make your stitching easier.

What is a Drop Feed System in Sewing?

The drop feed system (also known as the regular feed system) is the most common system of feeding mechanism in a home sewing machine and also in some industrial sewing machines.
This technique makes the feed dogs advance the fabric through your sewing machine.

Do you drop the feed dogs when using a walking foot?

I want feed dogs up with a walking foot because feed dogs move the fabric from the bottom and the walking foot moves it from the top.
You can carry some of your sewing works without dropping down the feed dogs, but if you want to do freehand quilting you must drop down the feed dogs of your sewing machine.


Feed dogs are grippy tracks made up of metal located underneath the presser foot. They feed your fabrics through your sewing machine while sewing and make your sewing easier. if you have any concerns regarding what is a feed dog in sewing kindly comment down below.

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