Bai Embroidery Machine Reviews- 2023

Are you looking to purchase the best BAi embroidery machine that you can use to personalize all your garments and home decor? Well! In this blog post, I will be providing you with the best Bai embroidery machine that has the capability to embellish all your garnets and home decor items.

Furthermore, I will be providing you with the key features, pros and cons, and our recommendations that will guide you while choosing the best embroidery machine for the clothing business

To provide you with the best options for the Bai embroidery machine, I have done the research and chosen only 3 of them as the best commercial embroidery machine for your projects.

Without any more fluff, let’s walk directly to the list of the best Bai embroidery machines below!

Are You In A Hurry? Check Out My Best Choice Below!

If you’re in a hurry or feel bored reading the whole blog post, then you must purchase the Bai Hat Embroidery Machine. It is the best among the best commercial embroidery machines for your clothing business. It is a single-head embroidery machine that comes with 15 needles and a big embroidery area of 13.7″ x 19.6″ that you can use to embellish all your clothing and garments items efficiently.

BAi Mirror1501 Hat Embroidery Machine Multi Needle,15 Needle Embroidery...
  • 【Wide range of preset accessories】BAi hat...
  • 【Expansive embroidery area】The maximum embroidery...
  • 【High working speed】Multi needle hat embroidery...
  • 【Simply input your own designs】BAi computerized...

Top 3 Best Bai Embroidery Machine Reviews 2023

  1. BAi Hat Embroidery Machine
  2. BAi Embroidery Machine For Clothing
  3. BAi EOC05 Computerized Embroidery Machine

#1. Bai Hat Embroidery Machine

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  • Best Industrial grade for home clothing business

Key Features

  • Built-in fonts and designs
  • USB port to import extra designs
  • Full-screen design preview
  • 10″ Large Touchscreen display
  • Smart Electric Control System
  • Speed up to 1000 spm
  • Comes with plenty of accessories

The Bai single head multi needles embroidery machine is perfect for small and home-based embroidery enthusiasts. With the versatile capability to choose 12 or 15 needles, and a big 13.7″ x 19.6″ embroidery area you can personalize hats, caps, bags, shoes, clothes, and more.

The machine has a flat embroidery attachment, t-shirt embroidery attachment, cap embroidery attachment, toolkit, a table, and a stand, that provides flexibility to create a multitude of projects from socks and baby clothes to t-shirts and jackets.

The machine has a middle thread guide that will let you thread the machine following step-by-step tutorials. And the large 10″ LCD touchscreen display will make your embroidery more fun and easy.

Embroidering your projects is going to be fun and easy with the high-speed stitching capability of 1000 stitches per minute and the automatic features of this machine.

The machine supports software like Embrilliance and Hatch Wilcom which can be converted into DSB or DST to enhance your creations. Moreover, you can import your own designs into the machine through the USB port to give personal touch and styles for your projects.

And interestingly, the machine comes with instruction manuals and videos in five different languages ( English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic) that are gonna be more helpful while operating the machine.


  • Big embroidery area
  • Big LCD touchscreen display
  • Instructions in five different languages
  • Commercial automatic embroidery machine
  • Perfect for small or home-based embroidery business


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Doesn’t come with software

Our Verdict

The BAI commercial single-head multi-needle embroidery machine is perfect for all kinds of embroidery projects whether you’re looking to embroider your socks, baby clothes, jackets, and caps. With the flexibility to stitch through cylindrical and larger items, you’ll be able to personalize all you need. Overall, this hat embroidery machine is perfect for anyone looking to start their own embroidery business.

BAi Mirror1501 Hat Embroidery Machine Multi Needle,15 Needle Embroidery...
  • 【Wide range of preset accessories】BAi hat...
  • 【Expansive embroidery area】The maximum embroidery...
  • 【High working speed】Multi needle hat embroidery...
  • 【Simply input your own designs】BAi computerized...

#2. BAi Embroidery Machine For Clothing

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  • Best commercial embroidery machine for small embroidery business

Key Features

  • Built-in fonts and designs
  • Design Importing feature
  • Large 10″ LCD Touch screen
  • Full-screen design preview
  • Speed up to 1200 RPM
  • Includes plenty of accessories

The Bai embroidery machine for clothing is a two-head multi needles embroidery machine that has a big 15.7″ x 19.7″ embroidery area and several included accessories that you can use to embroider hats, T-shirts, shirts, logos, shoes, garments, and more.

The brand BAi is suitable for all kinds of clothing and garments. BAi provides high-quality embroidery machines that can tackle most delicate projects. Also, the BAi embroidery machines are manufactured strong and versatile.

The machine features computer-automated embroidery processing. It has a built-in automatic thread trimmer and auto-color change. Equipped with a large 10″ LCD Touchscreen display that you can use to choose, edit, and create your own designs. Moreover, you can see real-time stitching.

The stitching speed goes up to 1200 RPM which is more than enough to personalize your multi-color embroidery projects efficiently. You will be able to accomplish most of your projects quickly. And using the 15 needles you can personalize your projects with 15 different colors at a time.


  • Two heads
  • 15 needles
  • High-speed sewing
  • Perfect for commercial clothing
  • Great for smaller to larger projects


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

Our Verdict

If you’re the one looking to launch your embroidery clothing business to the next level, then the BAi Commercial 15 Needles Embroidery Machine For Clothing can be a great choice for you. This machine has the capability to embroider almost everything.

#3. BAi EOC05 Computerized Embroidery Machine For Beginners

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  • Best for beginners

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 17.5″ x 15.35″ x 14.55″
  • Weight: 24.7 pounds
  • Built-in Designs: 96
  • USB Port: Yes
  • Embroidery Area: 4″ x 9.2″
  • Embroidery Speed: 650 spm
  • Settings: 7″ Large screen display

The BAi EOC05 computerized embroidery machine is one of the best embroidery machines for beginners that you can use to personalize, embellish, and monogram your clothing and home decor items efficiently. This machine offers you 96 built-in embroidery designs, different styles of letters, two embroidery frames, and a USB port so that you can create your own unique designs on your fabrics.

With the faster embroidering speed of up to 650 stitches per minute and the included accessories, embroidering your favorite designs and monograms is going to be more fun and easy. And the large 4″ x 9.2″ embroidery area is more than enough for any home decor items.

For embroidery settings, you can use the built-in large 7″ color screen display. Preview your final designs in full color on the large color screen, and combine simple letters and designs to decorate your fabrics with new dazzling designs.

For ease of operation, the machine features an automatic needle threader, automatic thread trimmer, needle up/down buttons, and more. The machine is designed in a way so that beginners can embellish their projects efficiently.


  • Beginner’s friendly
  • Built-in portable handle
  • Made compact
  • Faster speed
  • Inexpensive


  • Not suitable for experts

Our Verdict

The BAi EOC05 computerized embroidery machine for beginners is perfect for those who are keen to learn embroidery at home. It features several easy-to-use features that you can use to operate the machine properly. With the capability to sew and faster speed, this machine is surely gonna make your home embroidery a breeze.

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Why Buy A BAi Embroidery Machine?

Nowadays, there are some brands  (Janome, and Brother) that provide several embroidery machines with high-end features to tackle any project efficiently. Then, why buy a Bai embroidery machine? This is because BAi embroidery machines are capable of stitching any kind of project efficiently.

BAi embroidery machines might be new on the market but they are more capable than other traditional embroidery machines. Personalizing your favorite projects is gonna be more fun and easy with the Bai embroidery machines.

Some reasons to buy a BAi embroidery machine:

  • Automated computerized embroidery machine
  • Large LCD Touchscreen
  • Faster stitching speed
  • Creates perfect stitches
  • Multi-thread capabilities
  • Bigger embroidery hoops
  • Instructions manual and videos in five different languages

Final Thoughts

Embroidery is amazing art that you can use to give personal touch and style to your clothing and home decor items. Nowadays, people across the world with a little bit of experience start their own embroidery businesses. If you too have the same intentions, then you must purchase an embroidery machine for a small business.

There are several brands of embroidery machines such as Brother, Janome, Singer, Juki, BAi, and more, providing several embroidery machines that you can use to start your embroidery journey.

The BAi embroidery machines which we’ve talked about above are also great according to their price and capability to embroider your projects. You can choose the best one as per your needs and budget.

We hope you’ll choose wisely!

Happy Embroidery!


What Format Does BAi Embroidery Machine Use?

BAi commercial multi-needle embroidery machine uses DST and DSB file formats.  As we already know, the .dst is most common among embroidery files so it will be easy to import designs for your embroidery machine.

Is BAi Embroidery Machine Good?

Yes, there are some models of BAi embroidery machines available on the market that have the capability to embroider anything with their multi-needle capabilities. Moreover, some of them are single-needle embroidery machines that you can use for your home-based clothing purposes.

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