What is an Overcasting Foot On a Sewing Machine?- [UPDATED]

As I have already told you that an overlocker machine joins two edges, and joins two fabrics together producing overlock stitches but do you know?

Without an overlocker machine, you can also do these types of tasks with your sewing machine and also by using an overcasting foot with your sewing machine.

Are you surprised? Do you wanna know what is an overcasting foot? Let’s dive in.

An overcasting foot (also known as over-edge or over-locker foot) is a type of foot used for joining two fabrics together, joining edges, and making overlock stitches. It produces similar types of stitches like an overlocker machine.

How To Use An Overcasting Foot?

So you have bought an overcasting foot or you are thinking to buy it and therefore; you are here to know how to use an overcasting foot? Well, continue reading below.

Using an overcasting foot is quite easy. You need to clip it on your sewing machine and select a stitch pattern. You can choose a wide zigzag stitch or overedge stitch or any other version of stitch, what you have to look for is need to select a stitch that jumps out to the edge of the fabric as this binds the edges of your fabrics to secure them.

Make sure the needle won’t hit metal in the center with the stitch you selected.
As a simple rule, those stitches that move only forth are better for light medium-weight fabrics, whereas those stitches that move back and forth are better for medium-heavy-weight fabrics.

As you stitch with an overcasting foot, a bar in the center wraps the thread around the edge of the fabric, preventing the fabric from curling and fraying while sewing.

Before stitching on the edges of your fabrics, you must try a couple of stitches on the raw edge of old fabrics to be sure whether it works properly or not.
After checking you can sew down on the raw edge of your fabrics to secure your fabric.
So, what are you looking for? let you buy an overcasting foot and give a professional finish to your seam works and secure your fabrics.

What is Overcasting Foot Used For?

two layers overlocked

Generally, the overcasting foot is used for joining edges of the fabrics, seams finishing, sewing knit fabrics, joining two fabrics together, etc. The majority of the people use an overcasting foot for their household sewing works.

They find it easy to work with an overcasting foot while sewing; therefore; they buy it and continue their sewing work.

What Is An Overcasting Stitch? What are its uses? How Does It Looks Like?

Overcasting stitch is a type of stitch that is a combination of the simple and zigzag stitch. It sews back and forth in a straight line but it sews a zigzag in every set of straight stitches.

It is widely used for sewing edges of fabrics, finishing seams, etc. If you will do overcasting perfectly it will look like serging.

Is Overcasting the Same As Serging?

No, overcasting is not the same as serging because it doesn’t cut the fabric like a serger, but it helps you to sew an interlocking hem along the raw edge of your fabric.

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