Janome HD3000 Review: Know This Before Buying- Updated 2023

Janome HD3000 Overview

  1. Janome HD3000 comes with 18 built-in stitches including a variety of stitches, plus a one-step buttonhole.
  2. The selection of stitch is quite easy with the precise turning dial.
  3. You can adjust your stitch length & width using the buttons conveniently.
  4. The top-loading bobbin is jam-proof and it has a translucent cover that enables you to see the bobbin clearly without straining your eyes.
  5. It has an exceptional drop feed system for quilting on larger fabrics with ease.
  6. It has a built-in reverse stitch lever so that you can do reverse stitching with ease.
  7. It has 5 snap-on presser feet and the interesting thing about is that you can adjust the presser foot pressure conveniently.
  8. It has a built-in automatic needle threader that allows you to thread the needle effortlessly.
  9. It is capable to sew through lightweight to thick layers of fabrics with ease. Plus, it is capable to sew up to eight layers of denim.
  10. Janome HD3000 is the best heavy-duty sewing machine & perfect for sewing and mending any type of fabric without any complaint.


  • Name- Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine
  • Dimensions-10 x 19 x 15 inches
  • Weight- 18.7 lbs or 8.482 kg
  • Controls- Stitch Selector & Foot Pedal
  • Speed- 860 stitches per minute
  • Number of Presser Feet- 5 snap-on
  • Number of Built-in Stitches- 18
  • Stitch Length & Width- Adjustable
  • Needle Threading System- Automatic
  • Bobbin Type- Top loading jam proof
  • Built-in Light- Yes
  • Biggest Pros- No need to oil this machine
  • Biggest Cons- The turning wheel is a bit hard
  • Warranty- 25-year limited warranty

Ease of Set-up & Use

Being the best heavy-duty sewing machine it has plenty of easy and automatic features such as an automatic needle threader, adjustable presser foot pressure, adjustable stitch length & width, thread cutter, and many more that make this sewing machine more convenient to use. although it is the product of janome brand, which is considered as supreme in its quality.

Beneficial Key Features

This machine includes plenty of features that allow beginners as well as advanced sewers to comfortably accomplish their projects with ease. Let’s dive into those features below.

The Stitches

janome hd3000 stitches
18 stitches
See all 18 Stitches on Amazon

Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine includes 18 built-in stitches such as decorative stitch, straight stitch, zigzag stitch, overlooking stitch, & knit stitch.

One-step buttonhole enables you to create good-quality buttonholes with ease.

These stitches are almost enough for sewing and quilting on any type of fabric.

This best heavy-duty sewing machine allows you to adjust the stitch length and width as per your choice with ease.

Stitch Selector

The stitch selectors on this heavy-duty sewing machine are excellent and precise.

You can select your new stitch for sewing and embroidery with ease just by turning the precise stitch dial.

On the bottom side of the lid of the machine, there is a convenient stitch and pressure foot guide panel.

Presser Feet

It includes 5 snap-on presser feet as listed below.

• Blind hem foot
• Roll-hemmed foot
• Over-edge foot
• Buttonhole foot &
• Zipper foot


This sewing machine includes a top drop-in bobbin that is jam-proof and fully eliminates your stress about running off the edge of your projects.

Plus, the bobbin cover is made up of plastic and is translucent that eradicating the need of worrying about running out of thread.

Bobbin winding is quite easy with the push-pull bobbin winder, plus changing the bobbin is also very easy.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

Extra high presser foot lift is one of the most helpful features of this heavy-duty sewing machine that makes you capable to work with heavy fabrics and allows you to sew through multiple layers of fabrics with ease.

Most of the machine in this range lacks this feature. That’s why this machine ranks in the top 1 in the list of the best heavy-duty sewing machines.

Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment

The presser foot presser is adjustable on this mechanical heavy-duty sewing machine that enables you to sew through a wide variety of fabrics with ease.

Adjusting the presser foot pressure is quite easy and can be done simply just by turning the pressure dial.

7 Piece Feed Dog

The 7 piece feed dog feature of this machine allows you to feed the fabrics into the machine with full control over it. The machines lacking this feature may suffer some difficulty if you lose your concentration while feeding the fabrics into them. This feature also allows you to manually move the fabric under the needle, usually, it is a great feature during embroidery or mending.

Speed Controller

It has a built-in speed controller that enables you to adjust your sewing speed. If you’re a beginner, then you can learn to sew on thick fabrics with this machine by adjusting the stitching speed.

Automatic Needle Threader

It has a built-in automatic needle threader that saves your time and makes your needle threading process convenient. This feature attracts beginners to learn sewing on light-weight as well as thick fabrics. It’s really a great thing that may help your mom/sister not to struggle much while threading the machine for sewing as well as quilting.

Thread Cutter

It has a built-in thread cutter that will let you cut off your extra thread instantly. This is a great time-saving feature that enables you to quickly finish any type of sewing as well as quilting projects with ease.


The Janome HD3000 is a stable machine that is made up of an aluminum framework- the backbone of this machine. If we talk about the design of this machine, it is designed very sturdy and compact in an elegant way that gives a gorgeous shape to this machine. What I really wanna say to you is, that it is one of the most reliable, robust, long-lasting, & accurate sewing machines.


• 5 packets of needles
• Foot pedal
• Bobbins
• Presser feet
• Instruction book
• Screwdriver and many more


  • Easy to operate
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Reverse stitch lever
  • Sews multiple layers at once
  • Sews through heavy fabric
  • Foldable carrying handle
  • Heavy-duty metal frame


  • The turning wheel is a bit hard

My Verdict

If you want to invest a little bit more money in a heavy-duty sewing machine that sews your project conveniently & lasts for a long time, then you must purchase this one.

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 18 Built-in Stitches + Hard...
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Reverse Stitch Lever
  • Snap-on Presser Feet
  • Foot Pressure Adjustment

Janome HD3000 VS Singer 4452

Janome HD3000 includes only 18 stitches whereas Singer 4452 has built-in 32 stitches including 18 decorative stitches. Actually, both are heavy-duty sewing machines and both are great for sewing through heavy-duty fabrics. But after comparing both these machines, my first choice goes to Janome HD3000 heavy-duty sewing machine because it performs smoothly on any type of fabric, from heavy denim to the lightest shears that make sewing a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Janome a good sewing machine brand?

If we look at the sewing machines manufactured yet by Janome, without any hesitation we can say it is one of the best brands of sewing machines.

Can I sew multiple layers of fabric with Janome hd3000?

Definitely, you can sew multiple layers of fabric with this machine.
Actually, this machine allows you to sew almost all heavy fabrics with ease.

Why should I buy a Janome hd3000 machine?

You should buy this machine because it is the best heavy-duty sewing machine in 2021.
If you wanna sew through heavy fabrics with ease, then you must have this one.

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