How To Thread Embroidery Needle ? 2 Easy Methods

Needle threading is one of the most frustrating parts of embroidery. It is a process of passing the thread through the eye of the embroidery needle to start embroidering your projects. There are two methods on how to thread embroidery needles. They are
A. Manual Threading
B. Using Needle Threader

A. Manual Threading

In this method, embroiderers thread the needle manually by using their hands with full concentration on the eye of the needle.
Let’s dig deep into the process step by step below.

Instructions for Manual Threading the Embroidery Needle

1. Collect All Tools You Will Need

First, you must collect the tools that you will need while threading.
• Embroidery needle
• Embroidery thread
• Scissors

2. Separate The Strands of The Thread

There are plenty of types of embroidery threads available on the market. Some threads have six strands while some have four strands so make sure you gonna separate the strands of your embroidery thread to ensure the next process of needle threading.

3. Pull The Thread Into The Eye of The Needle

This process of pulling the thread into the eye of the needle is a bit more tricky than using a needle threader for threading. It can be a bit confusing for those who have never done this job but it’s simple and easy for those who have at least threaded the needle once in their lifetime.

How To Do It?

• The first thing you need to do is take
the embroidery needle in one hand
and the end of the embroidery thread
on the other hand. Now moisten the
thread and insert into the eye of the

• Now, pull the thread through the eye
of the needle until there is a long tail
on one side and a loop on the other

• The last thing you will have to do is
to take the long tail on the one hand
and the loop on the other hand. To
strongly secure the thread pull both
the ends the thread until the loop is
tight against the eye of the
embroidery needle.

In this way, you can thread the embroidery needle manually without using a needle threader. However, for quick needle threading, I suggest you use a needle threader.

B. Threading Needle By Needle Threader

A needle threader is an inexpensive small tool used to thread the needle quickly. It guides the thread into the eye of the needle immediately. Nowadays, there is a built-in automatic needle threader on the computerized sewing as well as an embroidery machine. On those machines, all you have to just click on the lever, and the automatic needle threader will immediately thread the needle.

But if you’re the one who prefers hand embroidery over an embroidery machine, then you must use a needle threader to quickly accomplish this job.

How To Thread Embroidery Needle?

Using a needle threader is quite easy and simple. Let’s try to know the process step-by-step right below.

• Take the needle threader in one hand
and the end of the thread in other
hand. Now, insert the wire of the
needle threader into the eye of the

• Next, take the end of the thread and
insert it through the needle threader’s
loop and at last pull the thread
through the eye of the needle.

How To Tie Thread Embroidery Needle? OR
How To Tie Knot In The Thread?

Once you have to thread the needle either manually or using a needle threader it’s time to tie a knot in the thread to start stitching your embroidery projects.

How To Do It?

1. The first thing you have to do is make
a complete circle of the thread around
your finger. For this, you have to wrap
up the thread around your middle
finger with the help of your thumb.

2. Next, roll the thread 1 to 2 times
between your middle finger towards
the base of the thumb in order to
create extra layers for the knot.

3. Next, Pinch the rolled thread between
your middle finger and thumb so that
the thread will no longer slip off.

4. Now, tightly pull the thread to create
the knot in the thread.

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Final Thoughts

Threading the embroidery needle and making a knot in the thread is a bit tricky for beginners. But if you will follow the steps I have explained above then you can do this frustrating job.

However, if you have done this job once in your life then you can do it easily with just a small help from this article. I hope, from now you will feel relaxed while threading the embroidery needle and making knots in the thread.

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