How Do You Transfer An Embroidery Pattern To Fabric? Complete Guide

Embroidery patterns are designs that are used to embellish your home decor items such as Shirts, T-shirts, hats, caps, towels, blankets, and so on. Some of these designs are simple and some are intricate. They embellish your projects in an elegant way.

In this content, we will show you the best and easy way to transfer an embroidery pattern into the fabric so that you can create your own gorgeous designs.

Make sure you’ve chosen your favorite embroidery pattern and have all the supplies you gonna need while embroidering. Now, let’s talk about how to transfer embroidery patterns onto the fabric.

5 Methods – How Do You Transfer An Embroidery Pattern To Fabric

There are some different methods that you can use for transferring embroidery patterns onto your fabric. These are discussed below.

1. Tracing to Fabric

It is probably one of the easiest methods to transfer your embroidery pattern onto the fabric. All you need is a pencil and a piece of tracing paper. Place the tracing paper over the top of the embroidery pattern and use the pencil or aqua trick marker to trace around the design. Once you’ve accomplished tracing remove the tracing paper and transfer the design using a fabric marker or pen.

This method works well when you use a lightweight, light-colored and semi-transparent fabric. So make sure you gonna use these types of fabric.

The biggest advantage of this method is that it doesn’t reverse the image of your embroidery pattern and also it’s very simple and inexpensive.

2. Carbon Paper

In this method, you should either use carbon transfer paper or graphite transfer paper. You can buy these papers from nearby stationery or online.

Place the graphite paper over the fabric with the graphite face down and then put tracing paper with an embroidery pattern printed over the graphite paper. Make sure you got it in the middle. Now use a ballpoint pen to draw all over the design.

Once you have completed drawing all over the design, take off the embroidery pattern paper as well as the graphite paper and you will see the design has transferred onto the fabric.

3. Heat Transfer Pen

It is also an easy method to transfer embroidery patterns onto fabrics. But this method reverses the image of the embroidery pattern so make sure you will draw the pattern in reverse.

All you need is a heat transfer pen and a thick pattern printed tracing paper. Now, you have to keep your embroidery pattern in reverse and draw all over it with the heat transfer pen and then flip the tracing paper over the fabric. The ink of the pen will transfer the pattern onto the fabric.

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4. Washaway Stabilizer

Washaway stabilizer works on all types of the fabric whether thick or thin and ensures accurate transferring of the embroidery patterns onto the fabric.

Take a specialized wash-away stabilizer then trace your embroidery pattern on it. Now use your computer printer to print the pattern onto the stabilizer and then embroider your design through the stabilizer and fabric.

Once you’ve accomplished embroidering, rinse or wash the fabric to get the precise outcome.

5. Tracing Paper

This method works well with thicker fabric such as wool or corduroy. All you need to do is take a thin tracing paper and trace your embroidery pattern onto it and then baste the tracing paper to the fabric.

Now, embroider through the tracing paper and the fabric. Once you’ve finished the embroidery tear away the tracing paper and you will see the pattern has transferred onto the fabric.


Embroidery is a beautiful art to embellish all your clothing and home decor items such as blankets, tablecloths, towels, curtains, and more.

We have discussed as many as five methods to transfer embroidery patterns onto fabric. Choose the best method as per your availability of the things you need while embroidering. I hope now you can enjoy transferring your favorite design.

Happy Embroidery!

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