Does Modal Shrink? [Only 2 Easy Steps] Wash at 60° to 90°C

Does Modal Shrink? Yes, Modal fabric is not completely resistant to shrinkage. It does shrink but not as much as rayon and other fabrics do. Especially, if you wash it at the hottest temperature in your washing machine it may shrink.

Modal fabric is mostly used to manufacture underwear as it becomes stronger when it is wet and doesn’t shrink. Actually, if you wash your underwear and dry it, then you will see your underwear retains the same size as it was before.

How Much Does Modal Fabric Shrink?

It is really difficult to calculate the percentage of Modal fabric shrinks. It all depends on how much you take care of Modal, and with which fabric it is blended.

Modal fabrics shrink less than 50% in comparison to Rayon. So, if you’ve Modal fabric blended with Rayon, it will be better for you as it doesn’t shrink as much as Rayon.

If you want your Rayon blended Modal fabric not to shrink, wash it in the water at a temperature less than 100 Degrees F, dry it in low heat in the dryer, and iron it by steam functioning in the Iron.

Does Modal Shrink After Washed & Dried?

No, if you wash your modal fabric in cold water and dry it at normal heat in the dryer or even in the shade or sunlight, it doesn’t shrink. But if you do the opposite it may shrink some but not the whole.

In fact, this feature of modal fabric has enabled many underwear manufacturers to blend their cotton wares with modal to make their manufactured underwear resistant to shrinkage.

Does Modal Shrink After Washing In A Very Hot Water?

As I already told you Modal is not completely resistant to shrinkage. So, it is possible to shrink if it is washed in very hot water.

But if you wash Modal like polyester & cotton in cold water or water having a temperature less than 100 Degrees Fahrenheit, it will not shrink.

So, why take the risk, wash your Modal fabric in the water at a temperature less than 100 Degrees F, and also dry it in low heat in the dryer?

Does Modal Shrink In The Dryer?

Normally, if you dry your Modal Fabric providing low heat in the dry, it won’t shrink. But if you dry it by providing excessive heat in the dryer, it will shrink some but not the whole as Modal is fairly resistant to shrinkage.

However, it is not recommended by the Modal fabric manufacturer to dry it in excessive heat in the dryer. So, it is better for you to avoid excessive heat in the dryer while drying Modal fabric.

Follow the instructions of the dryer to dry Modal fabric as it will prevent any kind of damage to your fabric.

According to experts, if you dry your Modal fabric from low to medium heat in the dryer, it will cause no damage but always prevent using excessive heat or else Modal will shrink or melt.

Does Modal Stretch When You Wear It?

Modal fabric is popular because of its flexibility and durability. As Modal is a flexible fabric, it stretches when you wear it, but it regains its normal shape.

This fabric provides you freedom of movement as when you stretch your body, it will also stretch along, and again it will retain its shape.

If you want to be flexible while working, or doing exercise, you must wear clothes made up of this fabric.

Does Modal Wrinkle?

Yes, Modal fabric wrinkles quickly and it is one of its drawbacks. It wrinkles after being washed and dried so you may need to iron your Modal fabric keeping a pressing cloth underneath for erasing the wrinkles.

What Is Modal Fabric?

Modal also known as High Wet Modulus (HWM) rayon, is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp and used for making underwear, pajamas as well as other household items such as bedsheets and towels, etc.

It was first discovered in Japan in 1951. It is stronger, breathable, and has the capability to withstand a high amount of moisture.

What is Modal Blend?

Mixing Modal fabric with other fabrics such as cotton and spandex for making it much more breathable and comfortable to wear. This blending also makes the fabric shrink less in comparison to the Modal fabric.

Does Modal Polyester Blend Shrink?

Yes, the modal blended with a polyester shrinks but if the modal is blended with cotton it will shrink less in comparison to 100% cotton.

The modal fabric when blended with other fabrics has many advantages as the shrinkage chance becomes less and also the blended fabric becomes more durable, breathable, as well as comfortable to wear.

The shrinkage of the modal depends upon the materials used to blend with it. However, if you wash your blended modal fabric at a very high temperature it will shrink.

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Does Modal Shrink Like Cotton?

Yes, Modal shrinks like cotton but both fabrics shrink under their different circumstances. Modal shrinks in very cold and very hot water while cotton shrinks in very hot water.

Does Modal And Cotton Mix Shrink?

Modal shrinks in very fewer amounts if it is mixed with cotton. The shrinkage of Modal depends upon the percentage of Modal mixed with cotton. The more Modal will be blended, the lesser it will shrink.

Does 60 Cotton And 40 Modal Shrink?

Yes, it will shrink but very minimal in comparison to 100 Modal or 50 cotton 50 Modal. After blending Modal either with Rayon or cotton, it becomes more resistant to shrinkage.

How To Shrink Modal Fabric?

Have you bought Modal fabric of Lil bit long size and wanna shrink it for making it perfect while wearing?

Well! I have some best ways that will help you while shrinking your Modal fabric but remember there is no 100% guarantee that it properly works.

#1. For shrinking the Modal fabric, first of all, wash it at the hottest temperature in your washing machine.

#2. If it doesn’t shrink as much as you need, then dry it at the hottest temperature in the dryer.

These two things should shrink your Modal fabric.

How To Prevent Modal Fabric From Shrinkage & Other Damages As Well?

I have some best suggestions for you if you want to prevent your Modal fabric from shrinkage and other damages as well.
• Always iron Modal fabric inside-out by pressing a cloth underneath the fabric you are going to iron.
• Always wash it with fabric of the same colors. In fact, it doesn’t bleed colors but remembers it absorbs other fabrics’ colors.
• Avoid using Chlorine Bleach as it can weaken the fiber of the Modal fabric and can cause discoloring.
• While drying your Modal fabric, settle for low to medium temperature. Avoid using high temperatures in the dryer.
• If your Modal fabric got the stain, soak it overnight in the solution of oxygen bleach and water. If you’re in quick, soak it at least for 2 to 3 hours as it will remove the stain from your fabric.

What Is The Difference Between Modal Fabric and Viscose?

• Modal also known as “high wet modulus rayon” absorbs much wet and becomes durable and doesn’t easily lose its shape while viscose is exactly the opposite of this feature.
• If we talk about the biological advantages, then modal is much more eco-friendly in comparison to viscose.

Modal Fabric Pros And Cons


• Breathable
• Stretchable
• Great for blending
• More comfortable to wear than cotton
• Soft and smooth to the touch & wear


• Expensive
• Gets wrinkled fast
• Can cause allergies

Does Modal Fabric Shrink-Conclusion

Modal fabrics are the most flexible and durable fabrics. They are fairly resistant to shrinkage. Washing & drying Modal under normal circumstances prevent shrinkage but if you wash them in very cold water or dry them at excessive heat in the dryer, they will shrink. So, follow the above instructions if you want your breathable, durable, and stretchable Modal outfit to exist for many years.

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