Singer 4423 Vs Singer 4432 – Easy Comparison

Comparing the Singer 4423 VS Singer 4432 is a bit tricky because both machines look identical.

Both machines feature high-quality sewing and quilting features, making your home sewing projects fun and easy.

Even though they look a lot alike, there are a few differences as well between both machines. 

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Let’s consider the main differences between the two below:

Singer 4423 VS Singer 4432- Differences

Built-in Sewing Stitches

The Singer 4423 sewing machine comes with 23 built-in sewing stitches whereas the Singer 4432 has 32 built-in sewing stitches.

It means the Singer 4432 has 9 more sewing stitches than the Singer 4423 sewing machine.

The Singer 4432 has 7 stretch stitches while the Singer 4423 has only 4 stretch stitches.

Furthermore, the Singer 4432 has a total of 18 decorative stitches while the Singer 4423 has only 12 decorative stitches.

The Look

Both machines are constructed with heavy-duty metal frames. The only difference between them is the color. The Singer 4432 has dark grey color whereas the Singer 4423 has light grey color.

The Price 

The Singer 4432 heavy-duty sewing machine is a bit more advanced than the Singer 4423 sewing machine so there is a slight difference in the prices between the two. The Singer 4432 is gonna cost you more than the older version of the Singer 4423 sewing machine.

Singer 4432 VS 4423- Similarities 

Six Basic Stitches

Even though the Singer 4432 sewing machine features 9 more sewing stitches than the Singer 4423, both machines have a total of 6 basic stitches.

Furthermore, both machines have one automatic buttonhole stitch.

1100 SPM Stitching Speed 

Both machines are capable of sewing your thinner to thicker fabrics with a max sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute. With this high-speed sewing capability, you can accomplish all your sewing and quilting projects within a limited time.

Free-motion Sewing & Free Arm

Both machines feature a drop feed mechanism, allowing you to easily do free-motion quilting. 

Furthermore, the free arm options will allow you to sew your pants hems, necklines, collars, sleeves, cuffs, and 

more, effortlessly.

Foot Pedal

For adjusting the sewing speed, both heavy-duty sewing machines come with foot pedals. You can adjust your stitching speed as per your needs.

Keep in mind that both machines lack a speed control slider, you will have to adjust the stitching speed via the foot pedal.

Top Drop-in Bobbins

Both machines feature top drop-in bobbins which are jam-resistant, easy to wind, and set up into the bobbin case.

It’s a top-class beginner’s friendly feature providing more convenience while operating the machine. 

Automatic Needle Threader 

It is a great feature for any sewing enthusiasts looking to operate the machine quickly. The automatic needle threader quickly guides the thread into the tiny hole of the needle with just a single touch on the lever.

Needle Positioning 

Both the Singer 4423 and 4432 come with 3 needle positions. These needle positions are helpful for precise stitching on cuffs, sleeves, hems, and inserting zippers.

Other Similarities Include:

  • Stitch selection dial
  • Stitch length and width which is 4mm and 6 mm respectively 
  • Adjustable stitch length and width 
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure 
  • Included snap-on presser feet 
  • Included softcover
  • On-board accessory compartment

What Are The Advantages of Buying A Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

There are several advantages to purchasing a heavy-duty sewing machine. Some of them are listed below:

  • Heavy-duty machines are well-constructed and last for a longer time so you can sew many projects efficiently 
  • With the built-in good-quality motors, you can create accurate stitches on your projects 
  • The built-in steel bed plate ensures smooth feeding of your fabrics, allowing you to sew effortlessly
  • You can even sew through heavy fabrics such as leather, denim, upholstery fabrics, and so on.

Singer 4423 VS 4432- Conclusions 

On comparing both the machines, it is clear that both are heavy duty and can sew from thinner to thicker fabrics with a max sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute.

Both machines are almost the same in several features such as automatic needle threader, top drop-in bobbins, feed dogs, free arm, and so on.

The main difference between them is the number of built-in sewing stitches. If you want to add more stitches then go on purchasing the Singer 4432 heavy-duty sewing machine.

However, if you don’t need more stitch choices then go on purchasing the Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine.

There is nothing much to say!

We hope you will make the best decision!

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