Does Viscose Wrinkle?

Yes, Viscose wrinkles easily. Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp. This fabric is known for its smoothness, breathability, and flexibility. When it comes to wrinkling, it does wrinkle like cotton. To prevent wrinkles on this fabric, you need to take proper care of the fabric. 

Is Viscose Wrinkle Resistant?

The short answer is no. It wrinkles easily because of some factors such as lack of resilience, moisture absorption, weaving tension, and heat sensitivity. 

Wrinkle-resistant means a fabric that has the capability to resist creasing and maintain a smooth appearance and drapes. Some fabrics that often are wrinkle-resistant include nylon and polyester.

In the case of viscose, wrinkles occur easily when washed or dried incorrectly. Make sure to follow the care instructions properly. Handwashing with cold water or a gentle cycle can prevent wrinkling to some extent.

Does Viscose Wrinkle Easily?

Yes, it does wrinkle very easily. When viscose fabric is washed incorrectly and dried up in the dryer at high temperature it may wrinkle. So, to prevent wrinkles it is better to avoid putting in the dryer. Hang dry the fabric for better outcomes.

However, if you want to use the dryer to dry up this fabric, set it on low heat and remove the fabric as soon as possible so that wrinkles don’t have time to set in before you wear it again.

Does 100 Viscose Wrinkle?

Yes, 100% pure viscose fabric wrinkles easily. This fabric is prone to wrinkling. Due to less elasticity, weak fiber structures, and moisture absorption capability causes the 100% viscose fabric wrinkle easily.

To minimize wrinkles in viscose fabrics, make sure to follow the care instructions provided with the garments. Avoid using harsh detergents and hot water. After washing, prevent excessive twisting the fabric as it can cause wrinkles. If any wrinkles appear after washing and drying, iron the fabric with low heat setting as it can help remove wrinkles.

Does Linen Viscose Blend Wrinkle?

Yes, Viscose blended with linen can still wrinkles up to some extent. However, it can wrinkle less as compared to 100% pure viscose fabric. It depends on the construction and quality of the fibers.

If the fibers in the viscose blended with linen fabric are woven loosely, it can be more prone to wrinkling. Make sure to select a tightly woven blend for better outcomes.

Does Viscose Polyester Blend Wrinkle?

Yes, it does wrinkle but very less as compared to 100% viscose fabric. As polyester is a synthetic material known for its wrinkle-resistant properties. When polyester is blended with viscose, it can make the fabric less prone to wrinkling.

Polyester fabrics have low moisture absorption so they are less affected with water during washing. On the other hand, viscose fabrics have high moisture absorption so they are more affected with water during washing and wearing.

Polyester fabric retains their original shape due to high elasticity. When blended with viscose, the presence of polyester fibers can help the fabric maintain its original shape and resist wrinkle.

Does Viscose Rayon Blend Wrinkle? 

Yes, Viscose blends with rayon wrinkles as viscose is a type of rayon fabric. So, when rayon is blended with viscose, the wrinkling tendencies would be similar to those of the 100% viscose fabric. To reduce wrinkling make sure to follow the care instructions provided with the fabric properly.

Does Viscose Wrinkle When Washed?

Yes, Viscose wrinkles easily when washed. This is because the fibers are heat-sensitive and moisture-absorbent. When you wash this fabric, the fibers absorb the moisture and the fabric swell and lose their original shape. As the fabric dries, wrinkles occur due to the change in the structure of fibers.

Wrinkling can be reduced to some extent if you wash the fabric at gentle cycle with mild detergents. Additionally, ironing the fabric with low heat can help remove any wrinkles that may have formed during washing.

How To Prevent Vicose From Wrinkling?

Viscose is prone to wrinkling. However, the wrinkling tendencies can be reduced to some extent if you follow the guides provided below:

  1. Handwashing: Handwashing the viscose garments would be the best way avoid excessive wrinkles. However, if you have any issue washing by hand you can use mild detergents and wash the fabric at gentle cycle in the washing machine.
  1. Gentle Handling: Avoid excessive twisting of the viscose garments after washing. Gently twist the fabric to remove the water absorbed.
  1. Air Dry: Air drying is generally the best method to prevent wrinkling in viscose fabrics. However, if you must use the machine dryer opt for a low heat setting as it prevents wrinkling the garments.
  1. Ironing: Ironing the fabric after air-drying to a low heat setting can help remove any wrinkles that have formed in the garments. Always test a small area to ensure heat won’t damage the fabric. Avoid applying excessive pressure while ironing.
  1. Wrinkle-release sprays: You can even use wrinkle-release sprays to remove wrinkles from the viscose garments. These sprays can help remove wrinkles up to some extent but make sure to use the specific spray.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric that is known for its smoothness, moisture absorption, and heat sensitivity. It is used for making clothing items but the problem is it wrinkles often easily as compared to some other delicate fabrics. But you can avoid wrinkling if you follow the above guidelines properly.

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