Brother PE800 Reviews: Must Know Before Purchasing? 2023

Are you looking to accomplish all your home embroidery projects with the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine? Well! Your idea is really gorgeous. The Brother PE800 embroidery-only machine is my best pick for you if you’re interested to create dazzling embroidery designs for your home embroidery business.

The Brother PE800 dedicated embroidery machine comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs including floral designs, 11 embroidery fonts ( 7 English, 3 Japanese, 1 Cyrillic), 10 frame shapes, and 14 border styles, allowing you to personalize your creations in an elegant way.

With the 5″ x 7″ larger embroidery field and the USB connectivity, the possibilities for showing new creativity become infinite. You can add extra designs of your choice and start stitching when you intend to do so.

This machine doesn’t bring Disney designs. But if you need to add Disney or larger designs to your project, you must check out the Brother NQ3600D Disney Embroidery Machine which is a bit expensive than other traditional embroidery machines.

You can add and edit multiple designs and fonts on the color LCD screen. Furthermore, you can change the original thread color on the screen.

You can use this machine to create dazzling designs on your shirts, T-shirt, hats, napkins, towels, pillowcases, blankets, jackets, and other such home decor items as well. There are so many possibilities! This machine runs at a max speed of 650 stitches per minute allowing you to quickly start embroidering your creations.

If you’re in hurry or you’ve intended to purchase the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine, then you must check out the availability. However, if you wanna buy the best 2-in-1 sewing and embroidery machine, you can check out the Brother SE1900 Sewing & Embroidery Machine.

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Best Brother Embroidery Machine Only Comparison Chart

FeaturesBrother Innov-is NQ1600EBrother PE800Brother SE600Brother SE1900Brother PE550D
Embroidery area6 x 10 inches5 x 7 inches4 x 4 inches5 x 7 inches4 x 4incheS
Embroidery Designs19813880138125
Sewing Stitches103240
Lettering fonts11116119
Speed [stitches per min.]
Editing InstructionColor LCDColor LCDLCD TouchscreenColor LCDLCD Touchscreen
Capability to sew as wellNoNoYesYesNo

Brother pe800 review- Major Specifications

  • Dimensions: 21.75″ x 19.02″ x 19.09″
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • Built-in Designs: 138
  • Design Editing: Yes
  • Monogramming Fonts: 11
  • Embroidery Stitching Speed: 650 stitches/min
  • Bobbin Type: Drop-in
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty

Who Is The Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine For?

The Brother PE800 is a great choice for every dedicated embroidery enthusiast looking to embellish almost every home decor item with easy-to-use features at an affordable price. With the larger hoop size, you can even customize your larger items as well.

Being a computerized embroidery machine, beginners can take full advantage of the in-built easy-to-use features. Even the intermediate can work better with this machine. Simply follow the built-in numbered threading diagram to thread the machine properly.

If you’re a professional embroidery enthusiast, you may need to import more designs for more creations. But make sure you know that there are no Disney designs included. If you want Disney Characters, then you can have a look at the Brother NQ3600D Disney Embroidery Machine.

What Can The Brother PE800 Do?

The Brother PE800 can embellish your shirts, T-shirt, hats, caps, towels, napkins, blankets, jackets, and many more such other home embroidery items. But make sure that the thickness of the fabric that you gonna stitch should not be more than 3mm or 1/8″.

Furthermore, you can edit your embroidery designs as per your choice on the color LCD touch display before stitching. Even you can preview your final design which you’ve edited before stitching. Also, there are threading instructions to guide you while operating the machine.

What Does The Machine Look Like?

The machine looks quite simple, elegant, and straightforward- similar to most of the Brother embroidery machines with a white exterior design. Engineered with good quality electronic components and includes plenty of easy-to-use features gonna make you feel quite familiar while stitching any of your embroidery projects.

What Are The Accessories Included With The Machine?

  • The machine is packed with a lot of accessories such as
  • 5″ x 7″ Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery foot
  • Needle set (3pcs)
  • Quick set Bobbins (3pcs) + 1 pre wound bobbin
  • Bobbin cover
  • Embroidery threads
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Seam ripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint brush
  • Spool caps of different sizes
  • Accessory bag
  • Dust cover
  • English/Spanish operation manual and more.

How Long Does The Warranty Last For?

The Brother PE800 has been constructed with metal chassis that makes the machine sturdy and versatile. Despite this, you must look for the warranty for safety if anything goes wrong. The warranty helps your machine to get repaired on time if there comes any issue.

The machine brings a 25-year limited warranty. It applies as
• 1-year covers the entire machine
• 5-year covers the circuit board
• 25-year covers the outer units

Within these time limits, Brother will fix or replace parts if your machine needs some repairs or replacements. But make sure, you won’t misuse the machine otherwise there will be no repairing or replacement of any parts of your machine.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review- Key Features

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Embroidery Designs & Fonts

The Brother PE800 dedicated embroidery machine comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs, 11 alphabet fonts ( 7 English, 3 Japanese, 1 Cyrillic) and 10 frames, helping you to embellish all kinds of your home decor items with ease. For more design options, you can download them via also you can easily import them into your machine via the USB port and save them into the memory of this embroidery machine.

If you’re a beginner, then there is no need to import extra designs. Actually, these designs are enough to learn embroidery as well as to embellish your home decor items. However, if you’re creative and wanna create more dazzling embroidery designs then you must check out the latest designs in the store.

The machine has been loved by lots of people who run small home embroidering businesses because it creates sophisticated designs on fabrics with accurate stitching capabilities.

USB Connectivity

If you’re the one looking to customize a large number of embroidery items, then you need plenty of designs to import into your machine. This is why the Brother PE800 comes with a USB flash drive port and a built-in memory so that you can add plenty of your own designs into your machine to customize other delicate embroidery items as well.

Embroidery Area

If you’re a beginner or intermediate embroidery enthusiast, then you don’t need to purchase an embroidery machine with a large embroidery area. A maximum embroidery area of 5 by 7 is more than enough for you to embellish almost all your home embroidery projects.

Luckily, This Brother embroidery machine provides you with a 5″ x 7″ maximum embroidery area where you can embellish all your home decor items efficiently. However, if you’re a professional in embroidery then you must check out the Janome 400E Embroidery Machine that comes with a large 7.9″ x 7.9″ embroidery area.

LCD Color Touchscreen

The 3.2″ “Sew Smart” color LCD display is a big upgrade from the black and white screens on old traditional embroidery machines. You can preview your designs in full color before stitching them on the screen.

Furthermore, you can change the thread colors with the built-in color palette, rotate, mirror image, combine, flip, increase and decrease the size of the design, and more.

Automatic Needle Threader

One of the most advanced features that I loved the most in any embroidery machine is its built-in automatic needle threader- amazingly guides the thread into the eye of the needle quickly.

Embroiderers with poor eyesight can take full advantage of this feature. With just a single touch on the lever, the thread will pass through the eye of the needle so that you can instantly start stitching your favorite projects.

I personally suggest you always check if there is an automatic needle threader in-built in the machine before making a purchase because changing the thread for different colors would be easy with the built-in automatic needle threader.

Automatic Thread Sensors

These thread sensors are responsible to detect if there is any breakage or stoppage of one or several threads during embroidering. It will immediately inform you if there will be any issue related to the threads and the threading system.

Automatic Thread Trimmer

No need to cut off the threads manually from now, this embroidery machine features a built-in automatic thread cutter which will cut off the extra threads with just a touch of the button. But be sure that this trimmer doesn’t cut jump stitches of any embroidery designs.

Auto Bobbin Winding System

The Brother PE800 includes an advanced bobbin winding system that allows you to perfectly wind the bobbin with ease. Also, the built-in thread sensor alerts you when the bobbin thread is running out.

Furthermore, the bobbin cover is clear and transparent which allows you to view the number of threads left over but having an alert system is a nice touch. Even if you’re busy stitching you will still get to know if the bobbin is getting low.

Bright LED Lights

If you’re the one who needs to work till late at night, No worries! As this machine comes with a built-in LED light that allows you to even work in the dark with clear vision. There will be no issue working even on the darker fabrics, if anything goes wrong you can see clearly and fix it right away.

Furthermore, the bright LED light helps you position your embroidery pattern within the hoop in the dark room especially when you need to embroider multiple designs on your fabrics.

Dust Cover

The brother pe800 machine comes with a dust cover that you can use to protect your machine from dirt and dust. Make sure to apply the cover onto your embroidery machine if you are not using the machine.


• Easy to Set Up & Use

This machine may look complicated like other old embroidery machines but it’s easy to operate. With the automatic needle threader, advanced bobbins, threading diagram, and LCD touchscreen, you can operate the machine within a few minutes.

Also, the bilingual English/Spanish user manual gonna makes everything so convenient even beginners can take full advantage of this embroidery machine.

• Versatile

This Brother embroidery machine features durable metal chassis, making it quite sturdy as well as durable. Also, this metal construction helps in even stitching at high speed to produce good embroidery output.

• Reverse Stitching

This embroidery machine also has the feature to do reverse stitching if you need it or if there is thread breakage. You can go backward and forward 1, 10, and 100 stitches if you need.


• Only Embroidery

The Brother PE800 is an embroidery-only machine featuring everything you will need while embroidering your projects. It has no built-in sewing stitches.

Verdict – Brother PE800

In this review of the Brother PE800 embroidery machine, you’ve learned that this machine is feature-rich, affordable, computerized, and dedicated only to embroidery. We hope now you can decide whether to buy this machine or check other models in the same range. However, if you’re dedicated to embroidery-only then you must purchase this machine because it creates awesome designs on your shirts, T-shirt, hats, and other home decor items efficiently.

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Some Common Comparisons

What Is The Difference Between Brother PE800 And PE770?

The first thing I wanna tell you is that the Brother PE800 is an upgraded version of the old Brother PE770 embroidery machine. You’d black and white LCD screen on the PE770 and now you’ll get a colored LCD touchscreen with multiple editing features.

Furthermore, you’ll get few more designs with the Brother PE800 embroidery machine. Instead of 135 designs and 6 lettering fonts on the Brother PE770, you will get 138 built-in embroidery designs and 11 lettering fonts.

Although these differences, there are also some similarities between the two, like both machines have the same size of embroidery hoop (5″ x 7″) with USB connectivity to import external designs of your choice.

What Is The Difference Between Brother PE800 And SE1900 Sewing Machine?

Brother PE800 differs from SE1900 in having only embroidery features while the Brother SE1900 has both sewing and embroidery features. Brother PE800 has no sewing stitches while the SE1900 has 240 built-in sewing stitches.

Furthermore, the SE1900 sewing machine has a storage compartment while on the other hand, the Brother PE800 doesn’t have any storage compartment.

Although these differences, there are plenty of similarities between them such as both machines have same number of built-in embroidery designs, same number of lettering fonts, same size of embroidery hoops. Also, both feature an automatic needle threader and automatic thread trimmer as well.

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What Is The Difference Between Brother PE800 And SE600?

Comparing the Brother PE800 with the SE600 is quite easy as the Brother SE600 features sewing and embroidery functions while the Brother PE800 has only embroidery capabilities. The SE600 has 103 built-in sewing stitches while the Brother PE800 has no sewing stitches. It means you can’t do sewing and quilting with the Brother PE800 embroidery machine.

Taking the embroidery hoop into account, the Brother PE800 has a large 5″ x 7″ embroidery hoop while the SE600 comes with 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop. Also, the SE600 has only 80 built-in embroidery designs while the Brother PE800 has 138 built-in embroidery designs.

Furthermore, the embroidery speed of Brother SE600 dedicated machine is only 400 stitches per minute while the Brother PE800 stitches with a max speed of 650 stitches per minute.

Although these differences, there are some similarities between them such as both machines have USB connectivity, automatic needle threader, LCD touchscreen display, and more.

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What Is The Difference Between Brother PE800 And Janome 400E?

In terms of embroidery features the Janome 400E embroidery-only machine is more advanced than the Brother PE800 embroidery-only machine. The Janome 400E comes with 160 built-in embroidery designs while the Brother PE800 has only 138 built-in embroidery designs.

Furthermore, the Janome 400E has a large 7.9″ x 7.9″ embroidery area while the Brother PE800 has an average 5″ x 7″ embroidery area. Also, the embroidery speed of 400E is 860 stitches per minute while the PE800 has an embroidery speed of 650 stitches per minute. But bear in mind that the Brother pe800 is cheaper than the Janome 400e embroidery machine.

Although these differences, there are some similarities between them such as both Brother machines are limited to embroidery functions only. Both come with a USB port for importing external designs. In addition, both features on-screen editing functions, automatic needle threader, easy bobbin winding, and more.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can The Brother PE800 Embroider Leather?

The Brother PE800 embroidery-only machine has been manufactured to stitch through materials less than 3mm in diameter. So, as long as your leather or denim is no more than 3mm or 1/8″ you can embroider through them with ease. But make sure you’re using the correct needle for embroidering through your leather fabrics.

Is The Brother PE800 Also A Sewing Machine?

No, the Brother PE800 is an embroidery-only machine. This machine has no sewing features. Neither it can sew nor it can quilt.

Does The Brother PE800 Come With A Software?

This machine doesn’t include any software for making designs. If you want to make your own patterns, then you can purchase or download the software separately. For free downloading, you must check out where you can get plenty of new patterns.

What’s The Brother PE800 Embroidery Speed?

The Brother PE800 sews with a max speed of 650 stitches per minute when embroidering your shirts, T-shirts, and other embroidery projects. With this speed, you will be able to embellish your projects within a limited time.

Is The Brother PE800 Discontinued?

No, this machine has still been manufactured in the company. Due to overdemand, it may be out of stock.

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